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What is Youth Action for Health?

Youth Action for Health (YAH) is a youth coalition operating in Larimer County. We meet weekly at TAC 212 to discuss important youth health related topics and create innovative solutions. We strive for representation across grades, schools, etc. to provide a platform for young people to share their voices, perspectives, and ideas. We aim to uplift all youth in Fort Collins, so we employ a very flexible structure for all members. Consistent attendance is not mandatory; we welcome anyone who can come at any time openly! Our mission is to foster positive community within our group and promote positive communities elsewhere.

What Youth Health Topics
are our focus this quarter?

As the needs of the community change, Youth Action for Health's focuses shift. The projects we work on, events we throw, and conversations we have relate to these issues. Every member is encouraged to speak up about the things they feel are important to focus on so that these themes stay relevant and effective! Attend our meetings to help us progress. Our current topics that Youth Action for Health is working to address are:


What Does a YOUTH Action For Health Meeting Look LIke?

We are currently meeting every Wednesday from 6:30 PM - 8:00 PM at the Teen Activity Center! (TAC 212)
See Calendar for more information.

Our meetings start with a review of norms, and an overview of YAH for new members. Next, we always do introductions for both new members and old. Here, each person shares their name, pronouns, how they are doing, and their answer to the icebreaker question. It is a great way to check in with those you've gotten to know already, as well as learn more about new people!

The weekly agenda depends on current projects. However, before diving in, we share any announcements that have come up since the last meeting. This is often used as an opportunity to share with the members about upcoming local events, changes in local policies or routines that may affect their communities, and other important information. Finally, we use the rest of our time to work on the agenda items, often with a fun activity in between to break up the meeting.

A free dinner is provided every week and each attendee can learn to make $15 in compensation for participating! All members, from first-timers to regulars, are welcome to bring friends and spread the word. We want school, work, and health to be the main priority; there is no pressure to attend every meeting or stay for the entire duration. Our goal is to create a positive community! 

What is Youth Action for Health?
What issues are Youth Action for Health focusing on?
What are meetings like?
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